Abadar Master Of The First Vault LN Cities, Wealth, Merchants, Law Absalom, Andoran, Brevoy, Cheliax, Erastil, Katapesh, Molthune, Nex, Sargava, Taldor, Varisia Taldan Crossbow With each turn of every tiny wheel, civilization spreads to cover the world.
Asmodeus Prince Of Darkness LE Tyranny, Slavery, Pride, Contracts Cheliax, Isger, Nidal Devil Mace Hail Asmodeus! Deliver us from chaos so that we may serve you in eternity
Calistria The Savored Sting CN Trickery, Lust, Revenge Absalom, Galt, Kyonin, Nex, River Kingdoms, Shackles, Taldor, Varisia Elf Whip Savor the three stings of passion, guile, and vengeance.
Cayden Cailean The Drunken Hero CG Freedom, Wine, Bravery Absalom, Andoran, Galt, River Kingdoms, Shackles, Taldor Taldan Rapier Don’t let rules get in the way of you enjoying what is truly good in life
Desna Song Of The Spheres CG Dreams, Stars, Travelers, Luck Kyonin, Lands Of The Linnorm Kings, Nidal, Numeria, River Kingdoms, Ustalav, Varisia Varisian Starknife Let each dream be a bright star in the night sky of your mind, and let it light your path in the day
Erastil Old Deadeye LG Farming, Hunting, Trade, Family Andoran, Cheliax, Galt, Isger, Lands Of The Linnorm Kings, Molthune, Nirmathas, River Kingdoms, Varisia Ulfen Longbow The first gift you ever receive is your family
Gorum Our Lord In Iron CN Strength, Battle, Weapons Brevoy, Lands Of The Linnorm Kings, Lastwall, Hold Of The Mammoth Lords, Nirmathas, Numeria, River Kingdoms Kellid Greatsword Battle and its tools are the only good things in life
Gozreh The Wind And The Waves N Nature, Weather, The Sea Sargava, Shackles, Sodden Lands, Thuvia, Varisia Mwangi Trident Respect the sea and sky, lest we bring you ruin
Iomedae The Inheritor LG Valor, Rulership, Justice, Honor Andoran, Cheliax, Galt, Lastwall, Mendev, Molthune, Nirmathas, Sargava Chelaxian Longsword Justice and honor are a heavy burden for the righteous
Irori Master Of Masters LN History, Knowledge, Self-Perfection Absalom, Jalmeray, Katapesh, Nex, Osirion, Qadira Vudrani Unarmed Strike To transcend your flaws, you must know your inner self
Lamashtu Mother Of Monsters CE Madness, Monsters, Nightmares Belkzen, Irrisen, Nex, Osirion, River Kingdoms, Varisia, Worldwound Demon Falchion Great is the daughter of Heaven who tortures infants
Nethys The All-Seeing Eye N Magic Absalom, Geb, Katapesh, Kyonin, Nex, Numeria, Osirion, Thuvia Garundi Quarterstaff Magic is all things, and in all things
Norgorber The Reaper Of Reputation NE Greed, Secrets, Poison, Murder Absalom, Galt, Nex, Osirion, River Kingdoms, Shackles, Taldor, Varisia Taldan Short Sword There is value in the things that others shun or conceal
Pharasma Lady Of Graves N Fate, Death, Prophecy, Birth Brevoy, Nex, Osirion, Shackles, Thuvia, Ustalav, Varisia Garundi Dagger Birth and death are written in the bones, but bones can be broken
Rovagug The Rough Beast CE Wrath, Disaster, Destruction Belkzen, Osirion, Qadira, Realm Of The Mammoth Lords Monster Greataxe Free me and delight in the destruction of all
Sarenrae The Dawnflower NG The Sun, Redemption, Honesty, Healing Absalom, Katapesh, Osirion, Qadira, Taldor, Thuvia Keleshite Scimitar Let the healing light of the sun burn out the darkness within you
Shelyn The Eternal Rose NG Beauty, Art, Love, Music Absalom, Galt, Sargava, Taldor Taldan Glaive Fill your heart, eyes, and mind with the beauty in the world
Torag Father Of Creation LG The Forge, Protection, Strategy Kalistocracy Of Druma, Lands Of The Linnorm Kings Dwarf Warhammer Aim high, plan well, strike while the iron is hot
Urgathoa The Pallid Princess NE Gluttony, Disease, Undeath Geb, Ustalav Varisian Scythe Seize what you can, tear it apart, and savor its sweet bloody taste
Zon-Kuthon The Midnight Lord LE Envy, Pain, Darkness, Loss Belkzen, Cheliax, Geb, Irrisen, Nidal, Varisia Alien Spiked Chain Look upon all flesh as a canvas for your works of pain